Breaking Through the Rough and Finding Precision in Your Game

Breaking Through the Rough and Finding Precision in Your Game

Precision medicine and golf share similar attributes. 

A great golfer can identify the rough, challenging areas of the green—such as where the ball digs into the grass.

These roadblocks are unique on every course. Because of this, the golfer must fine-tune their approach in these unique situations to achieve the same goal as any golfer.

Medicine Must Breakthrough the Usual Guidelines

While a physician must always follow the rules of the medical community, they should take a tip from professional golfers and approach patients on a case-by-case basis. 

No two greens are alike, so why treat the courses the same?

When it comes to patient care, a physician cannot treat two patients the same. If they do, they are missing critical features that separate the patients from one another.

Being as precise as possible is what Dr. Manchanda feels medicine needs. He encourages healthcare professionals to look for precision and customized approaches.

His artisan viewpoint emphasizes the idea that no two people are the same—every treatment, much like a game of golf, should focus on the roots, conditions, and unique characteristics of a patient.

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