The Artisan’s Approach™

Long before health care was a science, it was a craft. And, millennia before doctors were scientists, they were artisans. Even Hippocrates, who’s often considered the father of medicine, referred to medicine as an art, and it’s only in recent decades that doctors have relied primarily on research and formulas to guide them in diagnosing and treating patients.

While science has provided a wealth of tools for physicians to use, I believe we still need to view and practice medicine as an art, for it is, indeed, both a science and an art. Patients aren’t just a set of symptoms in a study, and caring for them involves more than following one-size-fits-all instructions.

I consider myself an artisan. Artisans work at their craft by hand. There’s a personal touch to their creations, and no two are exactly alike. Similarly, no two patients are the same, and as an artisan, I’m not content to follow a cookie-cutter treatment plan. That’s why, as a cardiologist, I’ve developed the Artisan’s Approach™ a means of treating and empowering patients, while recognizing each patient’s individuality and specific heart issues.

Using my Artisan’s Approach™, I’ve created an analogy, called the Heart House, to help you understand this incredible organ in your body. This analogy is essentially a new language, which can be adopted by both cardiologists and patients alike, to help resolve the disconnect patients so often feel with their heart doctors.

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Dr. Aarush Manchanda, MD

Aarush Manchanda received his MD from Maulana Azad Medical College at the University of Delhi, India. He completed internships and residencies at distinguished hospitals and cardiology centers throughout the United States, and has been practicing cardiology and related medicine for 12 years.

Dr. Manchanda is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiac Computed Tomography, and Echocardiography.

He currently works as a staff cardiologist at Cedar City Heart Clinic and as the Medical Director of Cardiovascular Services at Cedar City Hospital. Dr. Manchanda lives with his wife and daughter in Cedar City, Utah and spends his leisure time skiing, golfing, and meditating.

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