The Mission

The mission in publishing "Your Heart House" is one of knowledge and precision medicine. When it comes to going to the doctor, patients deserve to understand what is happening in their bodies. That's why we provide patients with the most useful and understandable knowledge about their hearts.


Understanding Heart Health Through Precision Medicine

So often, the medical process can be intimidating to patients. Further, rushed exams and an overwhelming amount of generic information passed down to patients about their condition can exacerbate this experience. For patients with chest pain, this can be especially stressful and can lead to unnecessary confusion over tests, results, diagnoses, and treatment. It's time to change that infrastructure, and to start taking the time to truly give patients the knowledge they need to understand heart health.

The Heart House Analogy

One great way to think about the heart is by imagining it as a house. Just like a house, the heart can have different problems - some of which are related, and some of which are unrelated. A heart murmur, for example, can be analogous to a problem with the "doors," while a heart attack is better represented by a problem with the "plumbing."

Simplifying Heart Health for Patients

Through personalized discussion and using techniques such as the heart house analogy, patients can quickly gain a much better understanding of heart health than ever before. Not only does this help individuals understand prevention and management of heart disease, but also learn heart-healthy habits, tips, warning signs, and more.

Providing patients with access to cardiac knowledge empowers them to be better patients and live healthier lives. To learn more, explore how "Artisan's Approach to Your Heart" can help you take control of your health and start living a heart-healthy life today.