Why This Book is Good for People with Heart Disease

Why This Book is Good for People with Heart Disease

Far too often, patients don't receive a thorough explanation about their heart health or what is happening inside their bodies. Particularly for those with heart disease, this can be scary, and lead to anxiety and misunderstanding. The book "Your Heart House" seeks to shed light on heart health, and help heart patients gain more control over their own care. Buy the book →


Understanding What a Diagnosis Is - and What it Isn't

When a patient walks away from a doctor's office or emergency room, they often do so with a packet of patient education pamphlets in their hands. But even though these documents are designed to explain to a patient their condition, they are often generic, vague, and can lead to inaccurate conclusions and anxiety. This book helps to educate patients on what their diagnoses actually mean in terms that are understandable.

Dispelling Heart Health Myths

In the age of information exchange, it's easy for myths about healthcare to take off very quickly. For patients with heart disease, these myths can be especially dangerous and upsetting. By using analogies such as the heart house, this book helps to provide patients with the knowledge they need to understand true heart health and dispel the myths.

Taking Control of Your Own Care

Without a strong understanding of heart health, it can be easy to lose control over your own care. That's why it's important for heart disease patients to gain an understanding of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of heart disease, heart healthy habits, and more. Discover how this book can help you take back control of your health and to play an active role in managing heart disease.


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