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Your Heart House
An Artisan's Approach™ to Understanding Heart Health

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The need for Artisan’s Approach to Your Heart has never been more urgent than it is today. Patients are turning to Dr. Google for life and death advice while real doctors are struggling to find patient-friendly resources that will provide vital information that patients are actually willing to read. The landscape of medicine is changing drastically as patients demand more say, yet grow increasingly distrustful of their doctors.

Artisan’s Approach to Your Heart uses accessible language and interesting anecdotes to educate patients about how their heart works, how their doctor thinks and how they can easily become active participants in their heart health. Drawing upon the author’s unique metaphor likening the heart to a house, the book effectively makes the subject matter both engaging and easy to understand. It debunks common misconceptions and is presented in brief, easy to digest chapters. It will quickly become an invaluable tool to both medical professionals seeking to reach their patients and to the average person hoping to take control of their own life.