Why This Book is Good for People with Healthy Hearts

Why This Book is Good for People with Healthy Hearts

While the book "Your Heart House" is an important read for patients with heart disease, it's also valuable for individuals with healthy hearts, too. Whether looking out for a loved one, serving as a caregiver, or simply trying to establish good heart-healthy habits, this book is equally valuable for those with healthy hearts. Buy the book →


 Helping Caregivers Manage Heart Disease

Often, a loved one or caregiver may not have a thorough understanding of the mechanisms behind a patient's heart disease, making it difficult to help another manage their health and make good decisions about care. This book can help a caregiver be a better advocate for a heart patient, and help improve their knowledge for themselves and their own future.

Everyone Should Know Basic Heart Health

Heart disease is incredibly common. Throughout life, we educate ourselves on many important topics like finances - so why should we ignore heart disease, which affects millions each year and is the number one killer in the U.S.? The truth is, every American should understand basic heart health, and this book can help to make this happen.

Prevention is the Best Heart Care

For those who aren't living with heart disease, prevention is the very best way to keep healthy hearts. This means learning a little bit about the heart, taking steps to establish heart-healthy habits, discovering the causes and signs of heart disease, and understanding screenings, tests, and treatment.

 The premise of "Your Heart House" is establishing an understanding of how the heart works and what heart disease is. For those with healthy hearts, this book is an incredible resource to help maintain good health for years to come and serve as a source of knowledge for others.


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