Why This Book is Good for Doctors

While the book "Your Heart House" is a great resource for patients, it's also a valuable tool for physicians. Empowering a patient with knowledge about their health (precision medicine) improves their relationship with their doctors, helps to relieve anxiety, and ultimately, improves their own healthcare management. Buy the book →



A Tool for Informed Consent

Here is a question for fellow physicians everywhere: can informed consent exist if the patient is not truly informed? It can be very difficult to achieve true informed consent for lay persons, and especially for cardiac patients. That's why this is such a valuable book for physicians; it can serve as a tool for achieving true informed consent and establishing a productive relationship with patients.


Bridging the Gap Between Doctors and Patients

A positive patient-doctor relationship is essential for effective healthcare. But so often, this relationship takes a back seat to other demands of the clinical environment. It's time to change that narrative. One great way to bridge the gap between patients and doctors is through the effective delivery of knowledge, and by breaking down complex mechanisms and concepts into easily understood ideas.

Informed Patients are Involved Patients

Helping a patient to understand their own heart health is about more than achieving informed consent. It's about involving the patient in their own care and empowering them to make better health decisions. This involvement can lead to patients establishing heart healthy habits, understanding the causes of heart disease, improving health management, and more.

Patients deserve to have someone take the time to explain their health to them in ways they can understand. Using this book as a tool to bridge that knowledge gap can change the way a patient sees their own role in their healthcare, and help them take control of their health.


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