How Fine Tuning Medicine Can Help Your Heart Health

How Fine Tuning Medicine Can Help Your Heart Health

Medicine and golf are quite similar in the fact that both have specific rules and a similar mission.

Whether it’s hitting a perfect 200-yard shot to the green or curing heart disease, the basic guidelines combined with the right algorithm will achieve the desired result.

In this video, Dr. Manchanda highlights how to hit the perfect ball on the fairway. He states that the perfect shot requires teeing up an inch based on his height and the size of the club being used.

He points out that everyone has different ways of achieving the same goal on the green, and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Every person has different tee heights because they will be a different height and use a different type of club.

Physicians Must Apply the Algorithm of Golf to Their Practices

When doctors use the same algorithm, they are not going to achieve optimum results for their patient.

Instead, Dr. Manchanda points out that a physician must fine-tune his or her game to their patient.

Naturally, the doctor must follow the rules and guidelines set forth by their profession, but he encourages professionals in the healthcare industry to work toward a unique standard of care for each patient.

For example, the theory of the golf tee correlates to medicine. Instead of teeing off at a one-size-fits-all height, golfers should adjust tee heights for optimism performance. Similarly, physicians should adjust their methodology based on the patient’s exact needs and concerns.

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