Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine is the Only Method for Successful Medicine

Precision Medicine is the Only Method for Successful Medicine

In golf, when a player makes a bad turn in the golf cart, the cart allows them to reverse. Then he or she can change gears and direction, allowing them to move forward.

Golf provides players with the ultimate liberty to do what they want and corrects their errors.

However, when it comes to medicine, there is no such liberty.


Medicine Requires Precision and Planning from Step One

A physician must plan their game and their treatment – much like a golfer must plan their approach.

Therefore, precision in medicine is critical. A physician must do what is best for that patient and be cautious about making on-the-fly decisions.

To do this, that doctor must assess the patient’s beliefs, demographics, habits, risk factors, and more. All these unique characteristics are what help guide a physician to make the right healthcare decisions.

Doctors should consider the outcome of their decisions and realize they are not driving a golf cart. Instead, they are guiding a person’s health and life. In contrast with driving a golf cart, there is no reverse option after making a medical decision.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not precision medicine, and using such an approach might lead to an irreversible situation.

So, before making a decision, a physician must consider the routes, select the right gear, and move forward with confidence.