Quick Changes You Can Make to Help Prevent Heart Disease

Quick Changes You Can Make to Help Prevent Heart Disease

Looking past clichés, food swaps, and the interplay of diet and exercise are topics covered in this radio interview of Dr. Aarush Manchanda by Gordon Deal from This Morning.


The numbing effects of heart health clichés

One important point of modern heart disease prevention that Dr. Manchanda points out in this interview is the fact that even though the solutions are out there, people still don’t take the steps required for maintaining a healthy heart.

The information is so common, Dr. Manchanda says, that many people automatically ignore it precisely because of its abundance in popular media.

Not only that, these heart disease prevention tips don’t really get at the root of understanding why the problem is happening. Putting heart disease in simpler terms then, according to Dr. Manchanda, is the key to getting people active in maintaining their heart health.

Food swaps and exercise: a few key heart disease prevention tactics

Food swaps are another key to improving our overall heart health or the effects of congenital heart disease says Dr. Manchanda.

This is the simple technique of creating alternatives to popular food choice items.

• If you are having lunch at a sandwich shop, for example, see if you can replace the bread with lettuce instead.

• Rather than having chips on the side, opt for a few apple slices or other heart healthy snacks.

 Another problem Dr. Manchanda addresses is the fact that in addition to avoiding calorie-dense foods with food swaps, those looking to reduce their chances of heart disease should beware of large meal portions.

In America, especially consumers are bombarded with temptations to increase their meal size, usually for a low cost. Even with regular exercise, it’s difficult to rebalance your daily caloric intake after such enormous meals. The solution? Simply ask for a small.

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