About Heart Expert, Dr. Aarush Manchanda

It is not only possible but important that you participate in the health of your heart. 

Just as you would participate with your painter in picking the colors to paint your house or with a shopkeeper in picking your clothing, you can and should have opinions about your healthcare and should participate in the decisions, both big and small, that affect your physical wellbeing. So why then, when we are in the cardiologist’s office, do we sit passively or throw up our hands in defeat?

I have studied the heart for much of my life. During that time I have watched so many patients succumb to confusion and disengage from their own care. I have also often seen that the people with heart disease who remain healthiest are those who have taken the time to learn about their condition, and are the most responsible and diligent about following their health plan.

Over the years I have developed strategies to simplify the complex workings of the heart in a way that my patients can understand, thus allowing them to converse comfortably with me about their care. I wrote this book to share this information with the wider public. My hope is to empower my patients and the general public, just as I wanted to be informed and empowered when my own grandmother was suffering from heart disease. While it is impractical to expect everyone to go to medical school or gain deep understanding of every ailment they face, I wanted to create a crash-course in cardiology to make the subject less intimidating. Armed with knowledge, patients are better able to advocate for themselves and contribute to their own healthcare.